I’ve Got My Eyes On You

People always say not to take your eyes off your opponent. To always be aware. At Lion Fight 46 that happened. It was the most intense stare downs I have seen. Neither one of the fighters took their eyes off each other. From the moment they walked on the stage, to them walking off. It… Continue reading I’ve Got My Eyes On You

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Looking Back

I have always loved to take action shots. When I first started taking pictures I would take pictures of weddings, family portraits, different events and though I was good at it, I felt I was missing something. As time passed a friend of mine suggested I go to the fights as a photographer. I felt… Continue reading Looking Back

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Friday Night Social

What are you doing on a Friday Night? What do you consider fun? Times have changed and people have gone from going to a movie Friday night to fight nights. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with sitting front row supporting a friend, family, or being a first time fan at the fights.… Continue reading Friday Night Social

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The Safety Of The Fighter

I love what I do. I love taking pictures. I love freezing time for people. One thing that I personally don't like, you can agree to disagree, is to take a picture of a fighter laying out cold. Why? Because I know that is someones son/daughter, wife/husband, brother/sister. This is a human being not a… Continue reading The Safety Of The Fighter

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Are You Ready?

Once a fighter makes the decision to fight they start to do research. Just like a person researches information on their car, the same is done with finding the right school to train. Fighters train everyday and sacrifice so much. They spend countless hours in the gym, away from their family. They spend time with… Continue reading Are You Ready?

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Did you know?

Do you know how hard fighters train? Do you know what fighters need to give up in order to fight? Do you know that fighters have a reason to fight? Fighters have a drive that push them to go above and beyond what is humanly possible. They don’t just stay comfortable with their past training.… Continue reading Did you know?

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Who Has Your Back?

Fighters train hard. I am not a fighter and at one point I wanted to fight. Since I've been seeing things through my lens, I have discovered that not everyone can be a fighter. A lot of people have the impression that fighting it is just getting into a ring or cage and that is… Continue reading Who Has Your Back?

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The Shot

I have been taking action and sports pictures for awhile now. Action photography is what I love to shoot. Many people ask me if I got the shot? The answer varies. Some people think its as simple as pointing the camera and shooting. As if, right when the shot is coming, everyone will move out… Continue reading The Shot