Cage Titans 47 Fight Night Results

Saturday, January 25, 2020 Plymouth Memorial Hall *ALL AMATEUR UNDER CARD 1 Adel Lolic –(0-0 AM MT – Underdog MMA) vs Josh Bellanger –(0-1 AM MT – Juniko)180lbs matchup  Josh Bellanger defeats Adel Lolic via tko (stoppage at 1:45 in Round 2) 2 Tim Cardoso – (1-1 Am MMA – Ind) vs Welly SanchezContinue reading “Cage Titans 47 Fight Night Results”

Cage Titans 47 Fight Card

CAGE TITANS 47 FULL FIGHT CARD Saturday, January 25, 2020 Plymouth Memorial Hall *ALL AMATEUR UNDER CARD Adel Lolic –(0-0 AM MT – Underdog MMA) vs Josh Bellanger –(0-1 AM MT – Juniko)180lbs matchup Anthony Alvarado –(1-0 Am MMA – Underdog MMA) vs Jake Dillon –( 0-0 Am MMA – USMMA) 140lbs matchup EricContinue reading “Cage Titans 47 Fight Card”

Cage Titans 46

Cage Titans 46 Results November 2, 2019 Plymouth Memorial Hall 1  Stavros Batsinelas (Citadel) vs Aaron Hughes (Regiment)150lb AM Hughes wins unanimous decision  2  Jack Congdon (Lakeville MMA) vs Jordan Butler (Regiment)170lb AM Congdon wins tko to strikes Round 2  3  Miguel Sevasin (Lakeville MMA) vs Tim Birkenhead (SSSF)160lb AM Birkenhead wins Unanimous decision  4  Tyrime Dasilva (TriForce)Continue reading “Cage Titans 46”

Cage Titans 45 Results

Cage Titans 45 Results August 24, 2019 Plymouth, Massachusetts 1  Brian Cosco (4-7) vs. Xavier Cardona (1-1)Amateur Lightweight  Xavier Cardona defeats Brian Cosco by submission via Guillotine choke Round 1 at 1:34 2  Joe Poirier (Debut, SBG East) vs. Josh Welch (0-1, Defensive Edge)Amateur Flyweight  Joe Poirier defeats Josh Welch by submission via Standing Guillotine atContinue reading “Cage Titans 45 Results”

Bulldozer: On A Mission To Remove Any Obstacle In The Way

Have you ever wondered when a fighter is for real or just doing it just wants to fight to say he/she did it once? I have seen many individuals that fight because they have anger issues, it happens. I have seen others that fight because there is something natural about it them. I have alsoContinue reading “Bulldozer: On A Mission To Remove Any Obstacle In The Way”

Cage Titans 44 Results

Cage Titans 44 Results June 15, 2019 Plymouth Memorial Hall  1 Ebrahim Aziz (1-0, Connors MMA) vs David Durao (1-2, Underdog) David Durao wins by Unanimous Decision 2  Brandon Demoura (0-0, Team BST) vs Andrew Hagan (0-0, Nostos) Demoura via doctor stoppage before start of rd 3.  3  Jake Bagley (1-0, Nostos) vs Andrew Valdina (0-0, Lauzon) BagleyContinue reading “Cage Titans 44 Results”

Cage Titans 43 Results

Cage Titans 43 Results April 6, 2019 Under Card  1 Ebrahim Aziz def. Sean Costello Round 3 via TKO (Punches) at 1:00  2 Mike Lee def. Jam Mandov Round 2 via submission (RNC) at 2:33  3 Eddy George def. Dion Rubio via unanimous decision   4 Shane Dougherty def. Jordan Brown Round 1 via TKO (GroundContinue reading “Cage Titans 43 Results”

Cage Titans 42 Results

January 26, 2019 Plymouth Memorial Hall Main Card Jay Perrin def. Kin Moy via unanimous decision Joe Giannetti def. Connor Barry Round 3 via TKO (Hammerfists) at 3:40 Darius Estell def. Zach DiSabatino via split decision  Shane Manley def. Jeff Perez via unanimous decision Marty Navis Albert Tulley Round 2 via TKO (ground and pound)Continue reading “Cage Titans 42 Results”


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There Is No Secret About Who He Is

We all start somewhere in life. Some have dreams and others have opportunities. Camron Lochinov has been training MMA for ten years. It all started with a broken mirror. Superstitious people say that if you break a mirror you have 7 years of bad luck. However, for Camron it would be the start of hisContinue reading “There Is No Secret About Who He Is”

The Nightmare Within The Cage: David vs. Goliath

Life is always full of surprises. Just when you think things are coming together you are presented with a test. A test to see if you have learned what you needed to learn. We all know the story of David. He was a young shepherd boy and musician. He had a huge purpose in lifeContinue reading “The Nightmare Within The Cage: David vs. Goliath”

The Style Of A Fighter

As many of you know the return of Kin Moy was November 3, 2018 at Cage Titans.  He has been training MMA since he was 17 years old. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances he was kept out of the cage for two years. Once a fighter is known for their true talent andContinue reading “The Style Of A Fighter”

Combating Epilepsy Within The Cage

Who is Miguel Cuevas? At a fight I attended for Premier FC, I noticed something different about a fighter, Miguel Cuevas. I observed that after he was done walking out and hugging his teammates he walked over to this man. He leaned into him, removed his necklace and this man blessed him. That touched myContinue reading “Combating Epilepsy Within The Cage”