Lion Fight 29


Lion Fight 29

Foxwoods Casino

May 27, 2016

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Lion Fight 29:


Numbers at a glance

Total fights: 11

Finishes: 5

(T) Knock outs: 5 by round #: 2nd/2, 4th/2, 5th/1

Other: N/A


Total Decision: 6, 2 unanimous, 4 split


Main Card


Middleweight (159) Non title bout – Champion Jo Nattawut vs. Regian Eersel, winner Eersel via KO (head kick) at 2:02 of the 5th rd


Lightweight (132) Ognjen Topic (132) vs. Dechsakda Sitsongpeenong, winner Topic via unanimous decision (49-45, 48-46, 47-47)


Lightweight (132) Julio Pena vs. Travis Clay, winner Clay via KO (head kick) at 2:45 of the 2nd rd


Featherweight (124) John Nofer (126) vs. Jared Tipton, winner Nofer via KO (Punches) at 1:57 of the 4th rd


Super lightweight (142) Asa Ten Pow (143) vs. Bryce Lawrence, winner Pow via TKO (Strikes) at 1:34 of the 4th rd


Welterweight (152) –Diego Llamas (147) vs. PJ Sweda, winner via KO (Punch) at 2:42 of the 2nd rd


Amateur Prelims


Super Bantamweight – Emilio Pineda (125) vs Ahmad Ibrahim (122), winner Ibrahim via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


Welterweight – Mike Santos (146) vs Julian Nguyen (147), winner Nguyen via unanimous decision (26-30, 26-30, 26-30 – Santos received a point deduction for a low blow)


Super Middleweight – Mike Jenkins (164) vs Brian Bogue (163), winner Bogue via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 26-30)


Cruiserweight – Lucky Henry (184) vs Kris Silck (183), winner Silck via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 28-29)


Welterweight – Malcolm Hill (144) vs Chris Lena (141), winner Hill via unanimous decision


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Cage Titans FC XXVIII

Cage Titans 28

Plymouth, MA

April 6, 2016



Flyweight – #5 NE Andy Aiello (3-1 Lauzon MMA) vs #4 NE Remo Cardarelli (5-3 Rivera Athletics)

Winner: Remo Cardarelli


Lightweight – Jeff Anderson (11-10 BK Boxing) vs Peter Barrett (5-0 Sityodtong & Juniko)

Winner via TKO RND 1: Peter Barrett


Welterweight Keegan Hornstra (2-6 Nostos MMA) vs Sean Lally (3-2 Juniko)

Winner Lally by ko at :08 seconds of the 1st rd.


Welterweight – Alex Dolan (0-0 UFC GYM Boston) vs Carlos Correia (0-0 DCNU).

Winner via 1st rd TKO


Catch weight (195) – Joe Levasseur (1-1 Tri-Force) vs Roger Brackett (6-4 Lakeville MMA)

Winner: Levasseur first round 3:22 via arm bar.



Arslan Otchiyev (3-2-1 Speed School) vs Brian Rossi (3-2-1 Sityodtong)

Winner: Rossi via KO at :52 of the 2nd rd. (non-title, Rossi was 10 pounds over the featherweight mark, 145)


Ryan DiBartolomeo (4-4 Team Link NH) vs Alex Ortiz (3-1 Speed School)

Winner DiBartolomeo via split decision.

Ryan DiBartolomeo is your NEW Cage Titans FC ammy lightweight champion


Richard Santiago (4-4 Rivera Athletics) vs Nate Russell (4-0 Fighting Arts Academy)

Winner via Rear naked choke 2:23 of the first. 


Derek Peterson (1-3, Gillett’s) vs Dan Bardellini (1-5, Rivera)

Peterson by unanimous decision


Joe Smith (1-0 Lauzon MMA) vs Josh Meehan (0-0 Juniko)

Winner via triangle choke in the 2nd Round: Josh Meehan


Justin Bombardier (0-0 MAXX Training) vs Antoine Caparotta (1-0 SSSF)

Winner via Triangle @2:25 of Round 2: Antoine Caparotta


Dave Sheehan (0-0, Connors) vs Tommy Lee Davis (0-0, Juniko)

Winner Davis via TKO  at 2:40 0f the second round.


Caroline Wilhelm (0-0, Nostros) vs Jeannette Pomales (2-1, Sityodtong)

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Jeannette Pomales


Trevor Gudde (0-0 Florian MMA) vs Donnell Ford (0-0 DCNU)

Winner via TKO @2:42 of RND 2: Trevor Gudde


Chris Sniger (0-0 Team EVT/SBG) vs Quentin Harris (0-0 Independent)

Winner via Guillotine @ :52 of RND 2: Quentin Harris


Austin Schalla (1-2 Dexter MMA) vs Mike Bulger (1-0 sityodtong)

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Mike Bulger


Ron Marshall (0-0 Team Anubis) vs Stephen Kimball (1-2 Nostos)

Winner: Stephen Kimball via Guillotine RND 2 @ :30


Dan Shapiro (0-0 Redline) vs Matt Burton (0-0 DCNU)

Winner via TKO @ 2:58 of RND 1: Dan Shapiro


Why Do I Train Jiu-Jitsu

I train jiu-jitsu because I decided I would not be a victim. One key component to training is to “Never give up”.  For me, jiu-jitsu is the one sport that teaches you what to do, when you are on the ground. As a woman, you need to know this. Women need to know what to do if a guy attacks them and takes them down. There are several martial arts in the world but this one gives me peace of mind. Jiu-jitsu has given me the ability to feel safe again and be strong, not only for myself, but for my son. I don’t live my life hoping someone will come to my rescue because now I know what I need to do. I am ready now. Training isn’t about hurting someone or attacking anyone. I don’t train because I expect to be attacked. I train to give myself the mental and physical strength and personal protection in this violent and selfish world that we live in. I decided I would not be a victim but a survivor. I went from being left to be a broken woman, to being a strong, and self-sufficient survivor.

Hard Work

Hard Work



Many people think that it is easy to get in the cage, that there is nothing to fighting. However, it requires a lot. It requires time, dedication and sacrifice. These men and women all have a reason, a purpose to be doing this, but we don’t know their story. All we see are two people throwing it down in a ring or a cage. These two people aren’t alone. They have coaches, teammates, friends and families there with them.  As the fighters throw a strike or go for a submission in the cage, there is someone watching that is feeling each strike and take down with them, as their nerves are going through the roof.  I have so much respect for the fighters and I love to see the result of their hard work.


PingitoreTrahan-904CES XXXIII

Twin River Casino

March 11, 2016

CES XXXIII was full with great fights and expected results. This event had was also very special since a champ was given his wings on Tuesday March 8, 2016. #DStrong. All the fighters that went into the cage went in with a champ in their corner. A special thank you to all the staff of CES and fans for honoring an amazing young boy that night.

All pictures were taken by Medina Photography Sports Nation provided all the results to this event.


  1. Flyweight – Noel Arcibal (2-1) vs. Shane Decristoforo (1-2) 

         Winner Arcibal via Unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26)

  1. Featherweight – Shah Bachok (0-1) vs. Matt Tullos (1-0) 

         Winner Tullos via rear naked choke at 3:46 0f the 1st rd

  1. Featherweight – Shah Bachok (0-1) vs. Matt Tullos (1-0) 

        Winner Tullos via rear naked choke at 3:46 0f the 1st rd

  1. Welterweight – Cruz Johnson (0-1) vs. Gary Balletto Jr. (1-1) 

         Winner Balletto via straight ankle lock at 2:37 of the 1st rd

  1. Featherweight – Joe Pingitore (6-2-1) vs. Taylor Trahan (5-6) 

         Winner Pingitore via TKO at 1:55 in the 3rd rd

  1. Lightweight – Nate Andrews (8-1)vs Julian Lane (9-5-1) 

         Winner Andrews via TKO at 3:58 in the 2nd

  1. Heavyweight – Greg Rebello (20-6) vs. Keith Bell (7-8) 

         Winner Rebello via TKO at 4:58 in the 1st

  1. Heavyweight – Chaz Morgan (10-2) vs. Juliano Coutinho (7-2) 

         Winner Coutinho via split decision  (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

  1. Featherweight – Matt Bessette (17-7) vs. Taurean Bogguess (18-13) 

         Winner Bessette via triangle choke at 2:41 in the 1st

  1.  Bantamweight title fight Andre Soukhamthath (10-3) vs. Kody Nordby (6-4) 

         Winner Soukhamthath via KO (Flying Knee) at 1:35 in the 5th rd

Muay Thai Lion Fight #28

ManhoefNattawut-1003.jpgMuay Thai Lion Fight #28

Friday Night February 26, 2016


What a great night at Lion Fight #28. For those of you that were not able to attend this amazing Muay Thai fight night take a moment to look at the play-by-play pictures taken by Medina Photography:

Referees: Bryan Miner ands Banlu (Coban) Aniwest

Judges: David Gingsberg, Eric Colon and Suzanne Sanidad


1. John Nelson (Boston, MA) vs Andrew Murray (Boston, MA) 

Winner Murray by unanimous decision 30-27 x3

2. Greg Muldrow (Boston, MA) vs Doug Holland (Wakefield R.I) 

Winner Holland by unanimous decision 29-28 2x, 30-28

3. Jimmy McDonald (Boston, MA) vs Julian Nguyen (Worcester, MA) 

Winner Nguyen Unanimous decision 30-26, 29-27, 29-28

4. Maria Kritikos (Lebanon, NH) vs Brandy Young (Cambridge, MA) 

Winner Kritikos by Unanimous Decision 29-28 x3

5. Kyle Brenner (Naples, FL) vs Mike Triana (Worcester, MA) 

Winner Traina by unanimous decision 30-24, 30-27, 30-27

6. Niko Qirjazo (Peabody, MA) vs Stergos Mikkios (Hartford, CT) 

Winner Mikkios by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 x2

7. Turan Hasanov (Brooklyn, NY) vs Asa Ten Pow (West Palm Beach, FL) 

Winner Pow by TKO (shoulder injury) :40 0f the 3rd

8. Yeison Berdugo (Providence, RI) vs Bryce Lawrence (Naples, FL) Winner Lawrence by ko at 2:03 of the 1st

9.  Chris Mauceri (Kingston, NY) vs Nick Chasteen (Phoenix, AZ) Winner Mauceri by ko at 1:55 of the 1st

10. Ky Hollenbeck (San Francisco, CA) vs Justin Greskiewicz (Philadelphia, PA) 

Winner Hollenbeck via tko at 2:09 2nd rd

Co-Main Event Lightweight Title: 

11. Ognjen Topic (Lodi, NJ) vs Sergio Wielzen (Amsterdam, Holland)

Winner Wieizen by ko at :50 of the 3rd rd #And New lightweight champion

Super Welterweight Title: 

12. “Smokin” Jo Nattawut (Atlanta, GA) vs Cedric Manhoef (Amsterdam, Holland)            

Winner #AndStill Jo Nattawut by unanimous decision 49-46 x2, 50-45

The results were provided by Combat Sports Nation

Cage Titans FC 27 Plymouth Memorial Hall

January 30, 2016 was the first fight night of the year for Cage Titans XXVII held at Plymouth Memorial Hall. A night where there was nothing but suspense and amazing fights. Medina Photography was there to document the event. Please take a moment to check out the fight pictures: PreFight-21.jpg

1. Jose Lugo (Rivera Athletics) vs Nick Mancinone (FAA)

Winner: Jose Lugo doctor stoppage (after 2nd round)

2. Derek Trahan (Santos) vs John Douma (Plus One)

Winner: Derek Trahan unanimous decision

3. Aaron Paul (Rare Breed) vs Marty Kelly

Winner: Marty Kelly TKO 3rd round 1:07

4. Aaron Hughes (Tri-Force) vs. Sean Murrin (Carlson Gracie)

Winner: Sean Murrin KO 1st round :40

5. Chriss Marriott (Team Anubis) vs Sean Bettencourt

Winner: Sean Bettencourt TKO 1st round 2:25

6. Matt Alger (Rivera Athletics) vs Alrex Dolan (Independent)

Winner: Matt Alger rear naked choke 1st round 1:08

7. Jon Gruber (Team BKJA) vs. Gary Watson

Winner: Jon Gruber TKO 1st Round 2:11

8. James Collins (Rare Breed) vs Marty Naves (Lakeville)

No Contest

9. Richard Santiago (Rivera Athletics) vs Ryan Kane (Juniko)

Winner: Richard Santiago rear naked choke 1st round 2:27

10. Jose Rivera (Thornton MMA) vs Joe Giannetti (SSSF)

Winner: Joe Giannetti unanimous decision

11. Don Shainis (Redline) vs Kris Moutinho(Rivera Athletics)


12. David J Espino(Team Trifecta vs. Max Barrett (Juniko)

Winner: Max Barrett 1st round TKO

13. Dan Dubuque vs Manny Bermudez (SSSF)

Winner: Manny Bermudez unanimous decision

14. Keenan Raymond Kay Ray vs Peter Barrett (Juniko)

Winner: Peter Barrett (doctor stoppage)


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Cage Titans XXVI

Cage Titans XXVI

Plymouth Memorial Hall

Click on the link below for a quick view of the gallery:


Flyweight (Pro, 125)

  1. Johnny “Cupcakes” Campbell (11-6, SSSF) vs Tateki Matsuda (10-7, Sityodtong)

Welterweight (170) Pro Title fight

  1. Sean Lally (4-1, GFMMA) vs Will Santiago (4-3, F5 Fight Team)

Featherweight (Pro, 145)

  1. Scott Gorgone (3-0, MASSBJJ) vs Manny Bermudez (2-0, SSSF)

Lightweight (Pro, 155)

  1. Ralph Johnson (10-14, FAF) vs Roger Brackett (5-4, Laveville MMA)

Lightweight (Pro 155)

  1. Devin Carrier (DEBUT Lauzon mma) vs Sean Nichols (1-3, Sityodtong)

Lightweight AMMY title fight (vacant)

  1. Joe Giannetti (5-0, SSSF) vs Jacob weeks (3-1, SBG EAST)



 Straw weight Female 115lb AM –

  1. Melissa Ann Infurna (0-0, MassBJJ) vs Hilarie Rose (1-1, USMMA)


Lightweight 155lb AM –

  1. Dan Napolitano (0-0, Franklin Martial Arts) vs Bobby Baker (0-1, Victory)


Catchweight 140lb AM –

  1. Carlos Valladares (F5 Fight Team) vs Julio Martinez (0-0, Juniko)


Welterweight 170lb AM –

  1. Stephen Langlais (1-7, Team BKJA) vs Antoine Caparotta (0-0, SSSF)

Hvy AM –

  1. Rob Brown (1-1, Santos BJJ) vs Zeal McGrew (0-0, Redline)


Featherweight 145lb AM –

  1. Aaron Hughes (0-0, TriForce) vs Joe Smith (0-0, Lauzon)


Flyweight 125lb AM –

  1. James Palmer (0-0, F5 Fight Team) vs Richard Santiago (1-4, RAC)


Middleweight 185lb AM –

  1. Sean Stone (0-0, WMMA) vs Sean Bettencourt (1-1, Victory)


Bantamweight 135lb AM –

  1. Jessie Pires (1-7, Team BKJA) vs John Payne (1-2, Lauzon)


Bantamweight 135lb AM –

  1. Andres Rodriguez (2-1, Sityodtong) vs Rob Rios (2-3, Underdog)


Lightweight 155lb AM –

  1. Derek Trahan (0-0, Santos BJJ) vs Alex Dolan (0-1, Victory)


Flyweight 125lb AM –

  1. Jared York (0-0, TriForce) vs Tim Hagan (0-0, Nostos)


Cage Titans FC XXV


August 29, 2015

Plymouth Memorial Hall – Cage Titans XXV




Steve McCabe (7-16, Team Martinez) vs Peter Barrett (3-0, GFMMA)

Winner via Guillotine choke @ 3:17 of Round 1: Peter Barrett



Ralph Johnson (9-14, FAF) vs Cheyenne Vazquez (3-0, Sityodtong)

Winner via KO @0:12 of Round 1: Ralph Johnson



Myles Reid (DEBUT, Team Hyannis MMA) vs Carlos Correia (DEBUT, DCNU)

Carlos’ opponent never bothered to show up




Louis Torres (1-3 Iron house MMA) vs Bobby Flynn (3-3 Pro-Elite)

Winner via Arm triangle @ 1:55 of Rouund 1: Bobby Flynn



(Champion) Jeff Perez (6-2 SBG East) vs Kris Moutinho (5-2 Rivera Athletics, Current Cage Titans fly and bantamweight champion)

Winner via unanimous decision: Kris Mountinho



Devin Carrier (3-2 Lauzon MMA) vs (Champion) Don Shainis (4-0 Redline/Victory)

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Don Shainis



Devon Estes (2-1 Martinez BJJ) vs Sarah Click (4-2 GFMMA)

Winner via KO @ 2:12 of Round 3: Sarah Click


Hvy AM – Phil Kelly (2-1, Redline) vs Brendan Battles (0-0, GFMMA)

Winner via TKO @ 1:41 of Round 1 : Brendan Battles


170lb AM – Scott Sullivan (1-1, MAXX) vs Bobby Gasdia (2-0, SSSF)

Winner via TKO @ 0:14 of Round 1: Bobby Gasdia


170lb AM – Tommy Arrington (0-0, Speed School) vs Steve Young (1-0, FightZone)

Winner via doctor stoppage: Tommy Arrington


145lb AM – Max Barrett (5-4-1, GFMMA) vs David Espino 14 (3-2, Trifecta)

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Max Barrett


Hvy AM – Jerrie Hall (0-0, Team Link NH) vs Jeff Soivilien (2-2, SSSF)

Winnner via unanimous Decsion: Jeff Soivillen


155lb AM – Harry Beard (0-0, Connors MMA) vs Chris Mehu (2-1, Gate City MMA)

Winner via TKO @ 1:18 of Round 2: Chris Mehu


125lb AM – Mike Brown (3-4, Boston Combat) vs Ryan Kane (3-2, GFMMA)

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Ryan Kane


Hvy AM – Gravin Guillen (2-3, Indy) vs Jay Phillips (0-0, SSSF)

Winner via Rear Naked Choke @1:36 of Round 1: Jay Phillips


145lb AM – Arslan Otciyev (2-1, Speed School) vs Billy Keenan (5-2, Redline)

Winner via Split Decision: Billy Keenan


125lb AM – Jose Lugo (1-0, RAC) vs Miguel Trinadad (1-0, TriForce)

Winner via guillotine @ 2:01 of Round 1: Miguel Trinidad


185lb AM – Jon Ciampa (0-0, Connors MMA) vs Kris Silck (0-0, Hard Knocks)

Winner Via KO @ 0:26 of Round 3: Kris Slick

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