Do You Have Heart

Have you ever had a dream? Have ever wanted to do something so bad that you had to do it? Have you ever had the pressure of walking in someone else’s footsteps? Feeling that you can do it and it’s what you want to do but everyone else’s opinion is stressing you out?

I don’t know what it is to be a fighter. I don’t pretend to even know. All I know is what I see from the people I watch.

There is this one fight that I will never forget. It was Lion Fight 35 with Andra Aho vs Jeri Sitzes. That fight was intense.

Not once did Jeri back down. She was in control and knew exactly what to do. Andra used her elbows to cut her, there was no issue for her. She came to fight and that is exactly what she did.

I felt like I was filming a horror movie and the outcome could go either way.

A referee has the responsibility to ensure the fighters safety at all times. Though it was an intense fight to watch, after to referee stoppage to have the doctor determine if the fight can continue. However, in the third round the third round the referee called the fight, as there was too much blood going into Jeri’s eyes. Making it difficult for her to see and continue the fight. What we see and what the people in the ring see is different. We see entertainment, the referee sees safety.

No matter the outcome she has a smile on her face. Fighter until the end.

Winner Andra Aho by 3rd round TKO at 1:26

It takes a lot to get in there and preform as these two did. Do you think you have the heart to fight?

(Promotion: Lion Fight Promotions)

What Motivates You?

To take a fight is not as simple as saying yes. What motivates you to train? What motivates you to get in a ring or cage? What is your true purpose?

I’ve heard some fighters do it for the money. Some do it in memory of a loved one. Others do it because they want to make an impact in someone’s life. What do you do it for?

What motivates me? The fighters, the mothers/fathers, sister/brother, wife/husband, fans, and the promotion. People only see two people on the canvas but they forget about everyone else involved.

Always remember that someone is watching every move you make. Make sure it’s one of the best one to date.

(Photo: Julio Peña)

(Promotion: Lion Fight Promotions)

I’ve Got My Eyes On You

People always say not to take your eyes off your opponent. To always be aware. At Lion Fight 46 that happened.

It was the most intense stare downs I have seen. Neither one of the fighters took their eyes off each other. From the moment they walked on the stage, to them walking off. It took the excitement of the fight to another level. Everyone was waiting anxiously to see what would take place. Well, the fight was well worth it. Behind the lens it was intense, I could only image the excitement of the fans.

(Photo: Hero Vincent vs Kerman Diop)

Promotion: Lion Fight Promotions

Looking Back

I have always loved to take action shots. When I first started taking pictures I would take pictures of weddings, family portraits, different events and though I was good at it, I felt I was missing something. As time passed a friend of mine suggested I go to the fights as a photographer. I felt like I won the lottery. I reached out to Mike Polvere of Cage Titans and I was able to get a media pass for the show. At that moment I found out where my passion of photography was and it was Action Photography. From that day forward there was no other place I wanted to be than by the cage or ring. I see much more than two people fighting. I see two people putting everything out on the canvas.

I realize that it not just about clicking a button. It is not about taking selfies with well known fighters just to say I took a picture with them. I have been to plenty of shows and I am truly blessed. These fighters train extremely hard, it could end in three seconds or it can last all rounds. To me it is extremely important to document that.

It is great to look back and see how the fighters have grown in the sport.

Friday Night Social

What are you doing on a Friday Night? What do you consider fun? Times have changed and people have gone from going to a movie Friday night to fight nights. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with sitting front row supporting a friend, family, or being a first time fan at the fights.

One thing I observe at the on a fight night is how other fighters support each other. Yes, there are times when fighters are trash talking with each other, but one of the best things is seeing professional fighters support another fighter. I have witnessed them calmly walk from one side of the venue over to diffuse a fight in the crowd. Discreetly as to not cause a distraction from the fight going on. These are the fighters that move on to bigger and better things.

The ones that spend time training and less time trash talking are the ones I see on the big screen. If they aren’t fighting on a Friday night they are training. A fighter doesn’t stop training because there is no fight scheduled . A fighter keeps training for the fight that will be scheduled.

Don’t miss the next social gathering because you never know who the next “big” fighter will be.

Photo: Kemran IG: Killa_kem_

Promotion: CES MMA

The Safety Of The Fighter

I love what I do. I love taking pictures. I love freezing time for people. One thing that I personally don’t like, you can agree to disagree, is to take a picture of a fighter laying out cold. Why? Because I know that is someones son/daughter, wife/husband, brother/sister. This is a human being not a player in a video game. I will take a picture after I know that the fighter is safe, but I will not post that picture.

It has crossed my mind many times that I am clearly in the wrong field. I don’t know why I am by the cage/ring taking picture. I don’t like seeing blood, I do like seeing dedicated fighters finally showing everyone what all their hard work has brought them to.

I have so much respect for the commission and for the doctors that are there making sure the fighter is safe. From the outside it is hard to see every detail of the fight. Some people might think a bad call was made, and you know what maybe there was. However, its not what we want, its what is best for the fighter.

Promotion: Cage Titans

Venue: Plymouth Memorial Hall

Are You Ready?

Once a fighter makes the decision to fight they start to do research. Just like a person researches information on their car, the same is done with finding the right school to train. Fighters train everyday and sacrifice so much. They spend countless hours in the gym, away from their family. They spend time with their coaches and managers who  know the fighters better than they know themselves. The fighters put their trust their their coaches, managers and teammates. Taking a fight isn’t a whim decision, it is based on what is best for the fighter.

Are you ready to take that step? Are you ready to sacrifice family time? Are you ready to change your lifestyle? Are you ready to commit? In my opinion (because I am not a fighter, I am watching from the outside) if you say no to one of these, you need to really reconsider getting in the cage/ring. You are putting your life and family on the line. If you aren’t putting 100% on the mat you cannot be surprised if it doesn’t turn out the way you want.

Now tell me, are you ready?

Photo: Johnny Lopez MMA Fighter

Promotion: Reality Fighting  

Igdalia Photography

Did you know?

Do you know how hard fighters train? Do you know what fighters need to give up in order to fight? Do you know that fighters have a reason to fight?

Fighters have a drive that push them to go above and beyond what is humanly possible. They don’t just stay comfortable with their past training. Instead, they imagine what they want to accomplish and they go for it. Fighters grow mentally, physically, and emotionally to achieve new levels. The fight starts before they walk in the ring/cage. Not all fighters are the same so they should not be viewed as anyone else. At times you can’t even compared them to who they were before, because these fighters evolve into bigger and better versions of themselves.

Always respect the fighters and their journey. Remember to you they may be simply a fighter, to others they are a son, brother, sister, father, mother, aunt, uncle, friend, mentor, role model. They are not just a fighter, they are more.

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Photo: William Knight MMA, Mauy Thai Fighter

Who Has Your Back?

Fighters train hard. I am not a fighter and at one point I wanted to fight. Since I’ve been seeing things through my lens, I have discovered that not everyone can be a fighter. A lot of people have the impression that fighting it is just getting into a ring or cage and that is it. That is not the case. There is a team that makes sure that the fighter is safe.

Marcos Vasquez vs Carlos Lopez_46.jpg

Fighters come from all over the world to fight. I respect them all.

Always remember who has your back.

The Shot

I have been taking action and sports pictures for awhile now. Action photography is what I love to shoot. Many people ask me if I got the shot? The answer varies. Some people think its as simple as pointing the camera and shooting. As if, right when the shot is coming, everyone will move out of the way and give me a clear shot. That is not the case. I love the challenge.

Lion FIght9/15/18 (Photo Credit: Igdalia Franklin/Medina MMA)

As long as they keep fighting I will keep shooting.

Thank you.

Lion Fight 31

Lion Fight 31

Foxwoods Casino

September 2, 2016

11 Jorina Baars vs Angela Whitley-4786.jpg 

For a complete gallery of Lion Fight 31 please check out the link below:



For quick results click on the following link:



Lion Fight 31 Main Card (Quick Results)

Women’s welterweight championhip: (C) Jorina Baars (40-0-3) vs Angela “Riptide” Whitley (14-0)

Winner: (C) Jorina Baars By Unanimous Decision Round 5 (5:00)


Vacant Super lightweight championship: Gaston “The Dreamkiller” Bolanos (8-0) vs Tum “Hollywood” Sityodtong (75-22-3)

Winner: (C) Tum “Hollywood” Sityodtong By Unanimous Decision Round 5 (5:00)


Women’s super bantamweight championship: Iman “Pretty Killer” Barlow (83-5-3) vs Jerri Sitzes


Winner: (C) Iman “Pretty Killer” Barlow By Unanimous Decision Round 5 (5:00)


Woman’s Lightweight championship: Antonina Shevchenko (36-1) vs Paola Cappucci (46-9-1)

Winner: (C) Antonina Shevchenko By Unanimous Decision Round 5 (5:00)


Light Heavyweight: Brett Hlavacek (15-3) vs Brad “Machine Gun” Mountain (3-3)

Winner: Brett Hlavacek (15-3) By Unanimous Decision Round 5 (5:00)


Amateurs preliminary card (Quick Results)

Lightweight: Steven Summers vs Mike Traina

Winner: Mike Traina By Unanimous Decision Round 3 (5:00)


Heavyweight: Steven Walker vs Doug Holland

Winner: Steve Walker By Unanimous Decision Round 3 (5:00)


Super flyweight: Marisa Messer-Belenchia vs Brandy Young

Winner: Brandy Young By Unanimous Decision Round 3 (5:00)


Light heavyweight J. Lucky Henry vs Skye Soderberg

Winner: J. Lucky Henry By Unanimous Decision Round 3 (5:00)


Welterweight: Jerral Womack vs Manny Sanchez

Winner: Jerral Womack By Unanimous Decision Round 3 (5:00)


Super bantamweight: Ava Scheininger vs My Seppo

Winner: Ava Scheininger By Unanimous Decision Round 3 (5:00)


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Cage Titans XXX

Cage Titans FC 30
August 27, 2016

For a complete gallery of the event please click on the link below:

Numbers at a glance –

Total fights: 21
Finishes: 18
Submissions: 9 by round #: 1st/6, 2nd/2, 3rd/1
(T) Knock outs: 9 by round #: 1st/7, 2nd/1, 3rd/1,

Total Decision: 3, 2 unanimous, 1 split,

Quick Results – Pros
Flyweight vacant title bout – Darren Mima vs. Remo Cardarelli, Winner: Darren Mima

Featherweight – Rodrigo Almeida vs. Manny Bermudez, Winner: Manny Bermudez )

Bantamweight – Fernando Perez vs. Johnny Campbell , Winner: Fernando Perez

Flyweight – Ernesto Ornelas vs. David Baxter, Winner: David Baxter

Bantamweight – Devin Pilkington vs. Max Barrett, Winner: Max Barret

Middleweight – Sean Evans vs. Justin Sumter, Justin Sumter

Middleweight – Joe Levasseur 184 vs. Sean Lally, Winner: Sean Lally

Middleweight Title defense – (C) Sean Bettencourt vs. Morgan Dean, Winner: Sean Bettencourt

Vacant welterweight title bout – John McAndrews vs. Bobby Gasdia, Winner: Bobby Gasdia

Vacant heavyweight title bout – Jose Campos vs. Jason Peppe, Winner: Jose Campos

Lightweight – Jose Atiles vs. Ed Forlenza, Ed Forlenza

Catchweight (150) – Seth Jacobs vs. Chris Sniger, Winner: Chris Sniger

Middleweight – Patrick Crowley vs. Fabio Cherant, Winner: Fabio Cherant

Featherweight – Shaun Shubert vs. Shane Dougherty, Winner: Shane Dougherty

Catchweight (130) Kerri Kenneson vs. Kylie O’Hearn, Winner: Kerri Kenneson

Light heavyweight – Zeal McGrew vs. Ron Marshall, Winner: Zeal McGrew

Lightweight – Austin Schalla vs. Alex Ortiz, Winner: Alex Ortiz

Flyweight – Andrew Herbst vs. William Graustuck – Winner: William Graustuck

Flyweight – John Lessard vs. Josh Meehan, Winner Josh Meehan

Welterweight – Jon Ciampa vs. Brandon Murphy, Winner: Jon Ciampa

Flyweight – J. Kasperowski vs. Tim Hagan, Winner: J. Kasperowski

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Lion Fight 30

Lion Fight 30

July 8, 2016

Foxwoods Resort Casino


For a full gallery of Lion Fight 30 check out:


Thank you Combat Sports Nation for providing us with a quick glance at the fights.


Numbers at a glance –


Total fights: 11


Finishes: 2


(T) Knock outs: 2 by round #: 1st/1, 3rd/1,


Other: No contest


Total Decision: 8, 3 unanimous, 5 split,


Performance of the night: Yeison Berdugo


Fight of the night: Sergio Wielzen vs Arthur Meyer





Super Fight: Middleweight (160) – Ky Hollenbeck 160 (33-3-1, Dublin, CA) vs Mark Holst 161 (19-3, Ottawa, Ontario), Winner: Ky Hollenbeck by Split Decision (1:54 Round 4)



Title Fight: Lightweight (135) – (c) Sergio Wielzen 133 (41-9-2, Amsterdam, Holland) vs Arthur Meyer 130 (37-8, Patong City, Thailand) Winner: Sergio Wielzen via split decision



Title Fight: Vacant Female Lightweight (135) – Antonina Shevchenko 133 (36-1, Lima, Peru) vs Annabelle Gely 133 (16-2-1, London, England) Fight was pulled from the card due to Gely being unable to get medical clearance by the athletic commission –



Welterweight (147) – Nick Chasteen 147 (5-2, Scottsdale, AZ) vs Eddie Martinez 148 (14-5-1, New York, New York) Winner: Eddie Martinez via split decision



Lightweight (135) – Amine Ballafrikh 135 (6-2, Dules, VA.) vs Joe Logan 134 (5-6, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Winner: Amine Ballafrikh via unanimous decision (48-47 x3)



Super Featherweight (130) Issac Tijerna (1-0, Nampa, Idaho) vs Yeison Berdugo (0-2, Providence, R.I. Winner: Yeison Berdugo via KO (Punch) :23 in r3




Preliminary Amateur undercard (non-televised)


Super middleweight (168) – Gary Mac (Bowie, Maryland) vs Brian Bogue (Cranston, R.I.) At :24 of the 2nd round The fight was stopped due to an unintentional foul – Brian “Magoo” Bogue knees the head of Gary Mac (amateur rules) leading to a no contest.



Lightweight (135) – Jason Davis (Phoenix, Arizona) vs Mike Triana 133 (Worcester, Massachusetts) Winner: Michael Triana via split decision



Welterweight (147) – Olivier Jimenez (Houston, Texas) vs Phil Da Silva (Boston, Massachusetts) Winner: Olivier Jimenez via unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 28-29)



Cruiserweight (190) – Jack Marcisz (Kitchener, Ontario) vs Paul Banasiak (Bristol, Connecticut) Winner: Paul Lee Banasiak via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)



Middleweight (160) – Tommy Mashrick (Leverett, Massachusetts) vs Patrick Kirby (Boston, Massachusetts) Winner: Patrick Kirby via Split Decision



Cruiserweight (190) – Roger Carbin (Bowie, Maryland) vs Rich Ullrich (Cranston, R.I.) Winner: Roger Carbin via KO (1st round :45 Sec)


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Cage Titans XXIX


Cage Titans XXIX

Plymouth MA


Cage Titans FC XXIX – Main Card Quick Results

Pro – Manny Bermudez vs. Jeff Anderson 155 lbs Winner Bermudez via Submission (Guillotine) at 1:06 of R1 (Live Blog)

Pro – Scott Gorgone vs. Fernando Perez 145 lbs Winner Gorgone via Submission(Arm Bar) at 3:52 of R1 (Live Blog)

Pro – Max Barrett vs. Ernesto Ornelas 135 lbs Winner Barret via Submission (Arm Bar) R1 (Live Blog)

Pro – Joe Giannetti vs. Frank Falso 170 lbs Winner Giannetti via Submission (Arm Bar) R1 (Live Blog)

Pro – Keegan Hornstra vs. Alex Dolan 170 lbs Winnner Hornstra via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) R1 (Live Blog)

Pro – Don Shainis vs. Jeremy Davis 145 lbs Winner Davis via TKO(Injury) at :17 seconds r1 (Live Blog)

Sean Bettencourt vs. Bobby Gasdia 185 lbs Winner Bettencourt via TKO (punches) @2:57 of R2 (Live Blog)

Miguel Trinidad vs. Jose Lugo 125 lbS, Winner Lugo via Split Decision (Live Blog)

Cage Titans FC XXIX – Amateur under card Quick Results

Danielle Hindley vs. Adina Beaudry 115 lbs, Winner Beaudry via majority decision (28-28, 29-28 x2) (Live Blog)

Nick DeGloria vs. Marty Navis 170 lbs, Winner DeGloria via unanimous decision (30-27 x3) (Live Blog)

Rebecca Moore vs. Kylie O’Hearn 135 lbs, Winner O’Hearn via tko (strikes) at 2:25 r2 (Live Blog)

Rolando Griffith vs. Mike Pan 150 lb, Winner Pan via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Sean Costello vs. William Graustuck 125 lb, Winner Graustuck via submission (armbar) at 2:54 r1 (Live Blog)

John Douma vs. Sean Murrin 145 lbs, Winner Douma via unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 29-27) (Live Blog)

Fabio Cherant vs. Ron Marshall 205 lbs, Winner Marshall via unanimous decision (29-28, x3) (Live Blog)

Jose Atiles vs. Jurrell Laronal 155 lb, Winner Laronal via TKO (ground and pound) at 1:26 r3 (Live Blog)

Antoine Caparotta vs. Brendan Marotte 145 lb, Winner Marotte via TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:08 r2 (Live Blog)

  1. Brothwell vs. Tiffany McCoy 125 lb, Winner Tiffany McCoy via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27) (Live Blog)

John Lessard vs. Blaze Robinson 125 lbs, Winner Josh Lessard via unanimous decision 30-27 x3 (Live Blog)

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