Cage Titans 42 Results

January 26, 2019

Plymouth Memorial Hall

Main Card

Jay Perrin def. Kin Moy via unanimous decision

Joe Giannetti def. Connor Barry Round 3 via TKO (Hammerfists) at 3:40

Darius Estell def. Zach DiSabatino via split decision 

Shane Manley def. Jeff Perez via unanimous decision

Marty Navis Albert Tulley Round 2 via TKO (ground and pound) at 1:23

Brandon Fleming def. Montoyia Swilling Round 2 via medical stoppage at 3:00

Arthur Mpofu def. Fouad Shahin via decision

Preliminary Card

Randy Costa def. Rob Fuller Round 1 via TKO (ground and pound) at 0:42

 Stavros Batsinelas def. Ed Forlenza Round 2 via doctor’s stoppage at 3:00

Justin Stevens def. Mike Albert Round 1 via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:05

Jeff Joy def. Will Alfano via unanimous decision

Stephen Kimball def. Floran Kacaku Round 2 via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:01

Xavier Cardona def. Alberto Rodriguez Round 1 via TKO (punches) at 3:00

Brian Velasquez def. Jon Ciampa Round 1 via submission (guillotine) at 0:40


Take a moment and check out my site. I added some of the fighters I have had the honor of photographing throughout the years. Simply click on the link: Igdalia LLC athletes to view the athletes.

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There Is No Secret About Who He Is

We all start somewhere in life. Some have dreams and others have opportunities. Camron Lochinov has been training MMA for ten years. It all started with a broken mirror. Superstitious people say that if you break a mirror you have 7 years of bad luck. However, for Camron it would be the start of his career. For his senior year in high school he broke a mirror in the weight room. He was putting the dumbbell back on the rack and it bounced back and it cracked the mirror. It would cost him $500 to replace the mirror. Jason Franklin and Mike Oakes told him he could make that money if he took a fight, which was only two weeks away. They needed an opponent so Lochinov accepted the match and the start of his career began. He passed the curse of the mirror to his opponents. If they go in the cage/ring with him, their luck is over. CamronL_1.jpgWith the support and guidance of his team he plans to go as far as he can go for example the UFC. He is already a veteran of Bellator. One of his biggest inspiration in fighting is Khabib and Fedor. What can you expect to see from him? Well, one thing is certain he will never be alone. He is always surrounded by the best people both in and out of the cage. If you are in his corner that should be seen as sign of honor and respect. To be aware and at peace in life you must be on another level; a place of awareness and reality. When I first met Camron I didn’t know anything about him. The way he presented himself and carried himself was not like anyone else. When he walks into the cage you can see in his eyes that he has no fear and he is ready. He does not have a look of hate or malice. Yes, being in the cage is a violent sport, but when you see him, you can see he is on another level. A level that on its own is scary.   CamronPrayer   I had to ask Lochinov, “where  does your peace come from?” He responded, “God – Allah.” I asked him, “Do you feel that your faith conflicts with your passion? Why or why not?” He said, “No, because what I do is a sport.  At the end of the day I never had hate walking into my fights. I never build my fight around hate.” Now, if you have never attended one of his fights you may not truly understand. Sometimes, his fight gets pushed to the end, after the main event. If you are there you may think, “wow, this venue is still packed.” Until, you see Camron walking out and you realize that the people there were actually there for Camron and not for the main event. You will never be at a fight that he is fighting and you feel that no one is there. I will guarantee you that at least half the venue is there for him. How many people do you know can sell over 200 tickets in less than 2 weeks? The amount of support he has is priceless. He has people traveling from all over to support him. I’ve always wondered and asked, “how does it feel knowing you have people traveling from all over to support you?” He told me, “Priceless, I can’t describe how much it means to me.”  Camron has a tremendous backing. I have attended and worked several shows and I have always seen him with Abbas Tamaradaze. Abbas has always been right there with him. If Camron needs to cut weight, train, start fight camp, weigh in, he (Abbas) is there. The support, is unmeasurable, a true friendship. God always provides the people you need in your life. There is no secret about who he (Camron) is. AbbasMizam-454.jpg “…but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs‬ ‭18:24‬ ‭ESV‬‬

When You Have Faith Not Even A Cage Can Hold You Back

What do you stand for? What do you have faith in? Who to do you put your trust in? It takes more than a desire to fight and win in a cage. It takes more than anyone can understand. It takes faith. Faith is having a complete trust in someone or something, God or gods. “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬

One of the things I respect about fighters is their stand for what they believe in; their faith and trust. They don’t deny they are fighters and they don’t deny who they believe in. The moment you start changing to fit into society you lose the true focus on what you believe in. When you do that, you aren’t putting your faith in practice. This causes the outcome to be jeopardized.

When the cage door closes the fighter is putting their faith in practice. The fighter knows that they need to do their part and they need to have faith. Everything that happens, happens because of a higher purpose. The fighter knows that if a fight gets canceled it’s because they are being protected or their opponent from something.

Together, united, supporting each other they stand. I have witnessed how calm a fighter is when things happen. Their mind, body, and soul are one and are at peace. Everything is aligned to the way it should be. It is hard to understand if you aren’t at the level of awareness. Once you reach it, everything becomes clear. All of your training, all of your interactions is responding to the here and now. The place you need to be. The place you have been preparing to be.

Surround yourself with people who understand and support you. Once you reach that and you have faith, not even a cage can keep you from what is yours. Everything will fall into place.

I have been to shows where a fighter has politely asked to weigh in so he would be able to pray. I have also witnessed a fighter fasting while in a fight camp honoring and respecting the One. I have seen how calm and graceful and respectful he can be. Always in the present. God provides angels to be with him and protect him. I have never seen him alone and I have never seen him upset. He is always surrounded with a family. When you have that grace people will come from everywhere to support you.

The Nightmare Within The Cage: David vs. Goliath

Life is always full of surprises. Just when you think things are coming together you are presented with a test. A test to see if you have learned what you needed to learn.

We all know the story of David. He was a young shepherd boy and musician. He had a huge purpose in life and many would look over him because of his position. I am not going to go into all the details and get technical with the story. We all know that in society if you don’t fit the image, you aren’t looked at. Everyone thinks that the bigger, taller, person will overcome. That person is seen with respect while anyone else is overlooked. Like the story of David we are all presented with a Goliath. It can be figuratively or literally. David was seen as a small shepherd boy who did not stand a chance against Goliath. However, people didn’t realize or didn’t want to give him credit for surviving the lions and paws of bears. Everything he learned in life he took to the battlefield. He used everything he learned and was able to defeat Goliath.

I have witnessed many fighters that have used that same concept in the cage. William “Nightmare” Knight faced Walter Howard on November 10, 2018 at Premier FC 27. I asked Knight what was his impression of your Howard?Weighins_6.jpg

Knight responded, “Well my impression was that he was going to out strike me and engage a lot. I really thought he was going to keep me at bay with his range and kickboxing but that wasn’t the case.”

Many feelings arise when the cage door closes. Once it closes you may or may not proceed with the game plan to and your coaches prepared. I asked Knight, “How do you feel when you are going to fight?”

Knight said, “When I fight I use my past to enhance my emotions. I close my eyes and seize control of every emotion I have built up over the years and channel it to better my abilities in the cage. I’m always thinking about how I’m going to beat my last fight and just tell myself it’s just another day, the only difference is I don’t have to see this guy tomorrow, so go all out and remember once it’s over shake his hand.”

I always wonder what is going through a fighters mind when they are there and the they are told to fight. I asked Knight, “What is going through your mind when you are in the cage?”

Knight replies, “The only thing going through my mind is the sound of Ed’s voice. Just as the fight starts I lock on his voice only and space out, go into auto pilot. other than, that I’m just thinking to myself, ‘I hope this can go the distance or we have some fun’. I’ve been training hard for this very moment.”

After facing a tough opponent I had to ask Knight, “How did you feel getting the win?”

He told me, “When I won I felt like I could have done more. I feel like I’m robbing myself, because I know I can strike a lot of guys in the 205 and 225 division. I trained Muay Thai for 3 solid years, knowing my wrestling would never be a problem. I can go years without doing anything then step on the mat and wrestle my ass off. That’s just the animal in me.”

William Knight vs Walter Howard_50.jpg

Knight can be seen as David or Goliath. Everyday when he looks in the mirror he sees his biggest opponent, his Goliath, the person he needs to defeat. It’s not just the person in the cage but the Goliath within him. Knight is David, Goliath, and your biggest nightmare all in one. Who will you be facing when you are in the cage with him?

(Photos by Igdalia Photography)

(Promotion: Premier FC)

What Is Your Mindset?

I’ve been to my share of fights and I have seen many people waste so much energy on mind games. I feel that the moment the fighter does that, they lose focus on why they are there. Instead of focusing on what they have been training for they focus on getting in the persons head.

I have asked fighters why they do that? Some say its just for fun and they aren’t serious about it, the others answer made no sense to me. There are times that the fighters are going through some personal things and just can’t deal with everything at once. It is not easy dealing with day to day life, without adding all the stress of making weight, then having to deal with added curve balls life throws.

Everyone goes through things in life, if we all focus on the positive it will help you focus and think clearly.

The Style Of A Fighter

As many of you know the return of Kin Moy was November 3, 2018 at Cage Titans.  He has been training MMA since he was 17 years old. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances he was kept out of the cage for two years. Once a fighter is known for their true talent and skills it becomes difficult to get a fight.  Kin had several fights fall through in 2017 and one early this year.

Cage Titans  11/2/18  Fight Night
(Photo Credit: Igdalia Franklin/Igdalia LLC)

Though others might have gotten discouraged and decide to just give up all together, he took it as a great opportunity to still train and sneak in a kickboxer smoker, two boxing matches, and a pankration-esue tournament.

I asked Kin what his goal was and how did it feel to get back into the cage after a long time? He said, “The next step is putting together a hot streak and trying to get noticed by the UFC! But I’ve got a big hurdle in front of me in the champion, Jay Perrin… It felt amazing to be back in there. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit uncomfortable and very nervous, but that’s ultimately where I belong. You can’t run from your true calling!”

Now, for those that don’t know Kin and have attened any local shows you would recognize him as the man in style. He is that man you see looking sharp. The fighter not only has style in the cage but of the cage. If you see him you would think he is just a guy that has a lot of style no matter where he is. You would never think he fights. How would a guy that likes to look good and have style want to get hurt? That’s because he carries his style in all aspects of his life.

I saw him fight for the fight time at Cage Titans XLI and let me tell you it was definitely a fight to see. When I saw him warming up I was like, “seriously, even warming up you’re in style?” I didn’t know what to expect. I heard a lot of him fight but never had the honor before to see him fight.

I had to ask him how long he has been into fashion?  Kin responded, “You could say that I’ve been struggling with style and fashion my whole life… It was around 2011 that I really started putting effort towards learning how to dress better, and probably not until late 2016 that I started having any success. 90% of the guys out there desperately need help in this arena… But since June of 2017, I’ve been sharing my system with men interested in cultivating an image that works for them rather than against them. So basically, it’s only been a year but we’ve gotten a lot done, and I’m JUST getting started!”

Don’t forget he had a lot going against him trying to follow his dream and he didn’t give up. Never give up on your dream. Your dream is only a layout of what you want. What you achieve is so much more.

If you are looking to find your style and you don’t know where to start, well look no further. I have the answer for you. Check out Style Me Boston.

(Photos by: (Igdalia Photography)

Combating Epilepsy Within The Cage


Who is Miguel Cuevas? At a fight I attended for Premier FC, I noticed something different about a fighter, Miguel Cuevas. I observed that after he was done walking out and hugging his teammates he walked over to this man. He leaned into him, removed his necklace and this man blessed him. That touched my heart. At the moment I didn’t who this man was but later was told it is his father. He proceeded to be cleared by the referee to enter the cage. This would be the first time I see Miguel fight in the cage. As I saw him fight I could see the person who was walking out and the person that was in the cage were two different people. Once he was blessed by his father he turned in the fighter we saw and Miguel won his fight.



Why did he choose MMA? For most fighter’s they had the dream of being a fighter from a young age but for Miguel, MMA chose him. Trials and tribulations in life brought him to want a healthier life style, get fit and to be able to unleash the beast from within. When his brother Pedro, who was not only his brother, but his protector, his friend and role model suffered an Encephalitis. Pedro was left bed bound, non verbal and Epileptic at the age of 16. This devastated the entire family Miguel was only 15 years old at the time. Making sure he still made his brother proud Miguel finished high school and attended UTI where he excelled as an honor student.  The emptiness and heart breaking tragedy of his brother boiled inside for 10 years until he met his newly acquired passion MMA not only a sport but a family. This became a brotherhood, a place where he can release the demons inside and where he can unleash the beast and leave it all in the cage.

November in Epilepsy awareness month. Every time Miguel steps foot into the cage he dedicates the fight to his brother Pedro. Pedro is his inspiration, he has fought the disease that lives inside him for 13 years. When Miguel steps into the cage he sees his opponents as the disease. There is nothing that will stop Miguel from fighting. It is do or die in that cage!


As many see November as the month to be thankful. Miguel has been thankful from the moment his brother suffered Encephalitis. When you see Miguel fight, what you are seeing is a brother that fighting alongside his brother. If Pedro can fight everyday, then for Miguel, this is his way of combating epilepsy within the cage. Family is everything, his family is his strength and motivation. They have always supported his dreams and will always support the path that he chooses.

(Promotion: Premier FC)

(Photos by Igdalia Photography)

The Unbreakable Bond

Did you know that there is something that brings people together? They say that blood calls, that it yearns to be with family. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, something will bring you together.

Did you know that when you start a sport or an art you connect with other people. That mutual passion brings people together. It’s kind of like that bond family has.

Now, did you know that when you are related and you share the same passion, that bond becomes unbreakable? Did you know that it brings an inner peace that makes you feel like nothing can stop you?

MMA Brothers

On October 13, 2018, AMMO FL had an amazing show. Even though there was another event in New York the house was full. On this night there was a set of two brother and a set of cousins that participated in this show. Their bond was remarkable. They walked in there owning the place. The reason why, because when you have your family with you, no one can stop you. That feeling is powerful and contagious.

MMA Brothers

Believe in yourself and keep the ones you trust close. Win or lose, you are always a winner when you are surrounded with the right crowed.

They say wolves walk in packs. Just when someone thinks they can attack a wolf, they are wrong. There is a line of wolves right there ready for what comes. No one, in their right mind, is getting close. That’s what happens when you have your family (blood or not) with you. There is no one getting close to you. Remember they have your back, even when others can’t see it.

(Photo by: Igdalia LLC)

(Promotion: AMMO FL)

El Salvaje

We all have a story. We all come from a place in our lives that motivates us to do better. What motivates you? What inspires you? I asked another fighter Jose “El Salvaje” Lugo what inspires him. I believe that getting to know the fighters is very important. Why did Jose Lugo decide to train MMA?  “I fell in love with all the different types of Martial Arts involved in the sport, and constantly learning it never gets repetitive. Everyday I learn sometime new and thats the reason I fell in love with the sport.”

There are so many peole in our lives that inspire us. People that enter our lives for a season or a lifetime in our life. These people are what inspires us. Who inspired you? “My Family of course. Without Vivian and my three kids I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. They motivate me to do better, they motivate me to give them a better future I’ll fight till my last breathe to make sure I give them the world.  And my childhood dream of fighting professionally, I want to make it to the big league. Its always been my dream to make it to the top and and I believe I will. I have all the support and love a man can ask for. I’m truly Blessed!

We all have goals and sometimes our goals change. What are your goals? “My Goals in this sport is to make it as far as my body can take me and one day become 125lb world champion. I want to hopefully make enough money one day so I can open my own gym and teach.  That’s my dream, I want to teach the youth and help them make their dreams come true. And of course to show my kids no matter what you go trough in life,  you can always make your dreams come true. Just never give up and always strive for the top.”

They call you El Salvaje, why is that, where did it come from” “Kris Moutinho asked Jorge Rivera, “how do you say Savage in spanish?” and Jorge replied, “El Salvaje.” and it just stuck after that day,  because of the way I trained and my strength.”

This is “El Salvage” the man, the father, the son, the friend, the fighter that will continue show everyone who he is. He has three children and a wonderful woman that look up to him.

(Photo Credit: Igdalia LLC)


Let me introduce you to Taylor Thompson aka T-Storm/mi leyenda. That trains at BST out if Mendon, MA.

I want people to start seeing fighters for who they are. Not what people create. When I met Taylor I instantly knew she would be an amazing fighter. In or out of the cage I knew she could be the person she wanted to be.

Many people want to train but why MMA? “I always had an interest in martial arts, but never had the chance to take any lessons until I was in college. I signed up for an MMA class thinking it would be an introduction to the various traditional arts – karate, akido and such. What a happy mistake that was. I loved it. I didn’t start training for a few years after that, but that was my foot in the door.”

Through this journey we encounter people in our lives that inspire us. Who inspired you? “I was driven to start training MMA on my own as a hobby, but it was my coach, Julio Colon, that really inspired me to pursue it as a career. Between Julio, and my good friend Iggy Medina, they encouraged me to see how far this dream will take me.”

I have met so many people that just want to fight once in their life and then be done. What are your goals? “My goals are to be the best fighter that I can be. I won’t stop pushing myself until I find that limit, and then I will push even more.”

Now where does your nickname come from? “My nickname came upon me as most nicknames do – a close friend using it once and every one else starting to use it too. The nick name “T-Storm” was first used by my friend Igdalia after she described my grappling style as “very calm, then a storm broke loose when it was time”, with the T portion coming from my initials. I really enjoy the nickname, because it is similar to my dad’s childhood nickname for me – “Typhoon”. It is a perfect combination (or perfect “storm”, if you will pardon the pun) of describing my fighting style and paying tribute to my childhood nickname my dad gave me.”

Once a person fights they know if they want to continue or just stop. Many people are disappointed when fights are cancelled and lose the motivation. What do you want to get out of it? “I want to be able to look back on my career in fighting and know that I did the best that I could and have no regrets. I want to know that I didn’t hold anything back.”

Through her career she has encountered obstacles. Fights being cancelled, opponents backing out, injuries, family emergencies but through it all she maintained her focus. She continued to train and prepare for “the fight” when it was she didn’t know but she knew she would be ready. It’s not about failing it’s about conquering what ever obstacles come.

Taylor’s next fight with be for NEF in Maine on November 17, 2018.

Game Plan

Everyone has a game plan. Everyone has this idea of how they want things to go. In the area of MMA two people have a game plan but only one of them will be successful. Once you enter the ring/cage, anything can happen. You can finish in the first few seconds or last all three or five rounds.

The game plan doesn’t start the day of the fight. The game plan starts the moment you decide you want to be a fighter. It is determined by the way you handle this new lifestyle. The moment  you decide you want to fight is the day you need to reflect and consider if you have the right people in your corner. Its great to have people support you but you need people that are looking out for your best interest. In my opinion having a person gas you up that you are a great fighter, is a clear indication that you are not meeting your full potential. You want people that are going to push you to your full potential. The ones that will tell you its time to throw in the towel before your life is at risk.

AMMO FL 10/13/18 Fight Night (Photo Credit: Igdalia Franklin/Igdalia LLC)

Like I have said in previous posts, I am not a fighter. I might fight battles internally but I am not a get in the ring/cage kind of girl. I would love to but that is not me and I will not pretend to be or put myself at risk. I have seen coaches that aren’t coaches, they are groupies. They just want to say they had someone fight, regardless of the severe damage it will cause on the fighter.  I have also seen fighters that will go against what their coaches say, because they feel they know so much more. When in reality its a combination of both. You as the fighter know your body, and the coaches know what it takes to get the results needed. It is your responsibility as the fighter to inform your coach of everything you are experiencing so they can properly guide you. Especially, when you are an amateur. Why? because as I have seen, some things can be waived but is it worth it in the end?

The challenge isn’t in the cage/ring. The challenge is the person you see every time you look in the mirror. It’s the person you want to be, it’s the person that keeps you from being where you want to be. It is not who is around you. You make the choice, make the right one. The game plan is the one you plan to execute and prepare for when you fight.


If fighting were easy everyone would do it. How many people do you know have said they want to fight? How many actually fight? Probably a quarter of them. Why? Because fighting isn’t just saying you are going to fight. Fighting is a lifestyle that if you are not ready for it, it will win, and you will stuck looking back and wondering what happened?. A fighter is ready 24/7. When they get the call all they need to do is fine tune their plan.

Behind The Scenes_12.jpg

It’s important to know that what determines if you have loss or if you have learned a lesson, is how you handle yourself. I have seen many fights and always wondered what goes through these fighters mind. You have one showing so much respect and then at times you see others being disrespectful. Which one will you be once you have executed your game plan? Now what?

Madelyn Grimaldi_2.jpg

(Promotion: AMMO FL, NoBoundary, Lion Fight Promotion)

Photo credit: Igdalia Medina Franklin

Thank you

As I look back to the start of my sports/action photography I can’t get over all the love and support I have received. I love what I do and I love to give my best. Sometimes it’s not easy to produce what I want but it’s worth it. It’s worth seeing the results and seeing everyone’s hard work being captured. You get to see the event through my eyes. Can you see what I see?

Thank you to the promotions, the fighters, the fans, the family, fellow photographers and everyone else for the opportunity. Everyday is a blessing and everyday I aim to give everyone my very best and nothing less.

Here’s to more memories.

Sports/action Photography



Everyday that goes by you learn what is important in life. It’s not the material it’s the person that is by your side during the best and worst days. During the times that you can’t even deal with yourself.

The energy you put in is the energy you get. Treat every moment as the first and last. Know that process will lead you to a place you can only imagine. Knowing that no matter what that person will be there.

I had the opportunity to witness the unconditional love of two amazing couples this weekend. To be a part of it was amazing.

Like I’ve said before fighters sacrifice a lot. They sacrifice quality time with their family to fulfill a dream they have. Thankfully they are surrounded by an amazing partner that supports them and pushes them to reach their goals. This should inspire others that with the right person you can achieve what heart desires.

These two fighters won their fights, but even before that they won because they have the love and support of their spouse.

Martial Arts

Life is a paradigm, it is all in the way you see it and the way you present it to other. There are many individuals that think marital arts is a way to hurt someone and the prove how much stronger they are. However, thinking that way takes away from the art of it. Martial arts is a discipline, it’s a way of life, it is a way to connect to oneself on another level.

Have you seen how calm and collective a master in the martial arts is? Have you seen how these individuals bring forth something supernatural? Have you notice that being around them is calming? Have you noticed how humble they are?

Think about for a moment. Greatness rises not because of being violent, yelling or proving a point. It’s about letting it rise from the action.

Martial Arts is not for everyone. Even though it is a great way to help mentally, emotionally, and physically, not everyone knows how to appreciate it. Not because they lack the desire, but because they lack the true meaning of it.

These great fighters aren’t born great. They dedicate a lot of time and energy in mastering their skills. They take time to go to other places and train.

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