Teach Them The Right Way And They Will Never Part From It

When I was younger I used to watch a lot of martial arts movies. I always thought that kickboxing was Muay Thai. As I grew up I wanted to do kickboxing. As I would take classes I was very disappointed. It was either a cardio class or simply because the instructor was passing kickboxing offContinue reading “Teach Them The Right Way And They Will Never Part From It”

El Salvaje

We all have a story. We all come from a place in our lives that motivates us to do better. What motivates you? What inspires you? I asked another fighter Jose “El Salvajeā€ Lugo what inspires him. I believe that getting to know the fighters is very important. Why did Jose Lugo decide to trainContinue reading “El Salvaje”

Friday Night Social

What are you doing on a Friday Night? What do you consider fun? Times have changed and people have gone from going to a movie Friday night to fight nights. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with sitting front row supporting a friend, family, or being a first time fan at the fights.Continue reading “Friday Night Social”