About Us

Having been given her first camera from her parents, at the young age of twelve, Igdalia learned immediately that she had a passion for photography—and also that she had a natural skill for capturing precious moments.  She also enjoys fitness, and women’s self defense.

Igdalia specializes in, but is not limited to:  Sports action shots, portrait photography, wedding celebrations, engagement ceremonies, your newborn’s arrival, maternity, christening ceremonies, pageants, and fashion shows.

The feeling of empowerment, allowed her to pursue photography: with her acute attention to detail, she was able to harness her skills in photography, so passionately in fact, that she seeks to obtain a degree in the field. Her love for photography was enhanced by the birth of her son.

Her dedication, for capturing moments that will allow people to remember those cherished lifetime experiences, allows her to utilize her talent in the field of Photography.  Igdalia’s inclination towards pro-health, self awareness, and enlightenment, has been her way of life for years, to transcend as a better, happier and stronger person.

What People Say

My favorite photographer in combat sports right now!!

Marcus H.

One of the best photographers I know with a great passion for her work. Igdalia doesn’t only provide quality professional pictures, but makes the experience fun with her awesome personality! If you are looking to have pictures taken, I highly recommend Igdalia! 👊

Michael T.

I have fight on many shows where Igdalia LLC was doing the photography. She is very professional with her skill set, outside of events I’ve talked to her about obtaining different snapshots of me so I could give them to sponsors. She was quick to respond and helped me with all the photos that I needed. She’s definitely the best around the New England area.

Edward G.

theres a few photographers in the area that cover mma, but igdalia is by far the best of them.

Jacobo A.

I loved her pictures and how fast the turn around is some of the best pictures I have are hers and my best photo in the mma circuit is hers I love her work and how she handles her clients ❤

William K.

Let’s build something together.