Sponsorship is very important for fighters. It’s not just for the professionals. it’s also important for the amatures. When I sponsor someone, I am helping them achieve their goal. Just like I support them, I also must be what they are looking for to be represented by. Even though any sponsorship would work, there is still a fine line.

The fighters that I sponsor also carry themselves in a professional manner. I am attaching my name, and it’s important that the individuals carry themselves a certain way.

Many people ask me, “why doesn’t anyone sponsor me?’  My response is usually, “Have you taken the time to look at your social media account?” Before I agree to sponsor anyone, I will first look and see who they are, through social media, through normal interactions, or in any other enviornment we may be in. Everyone is different and I don’t want to work with someone that doesn’t know how to carry themself.

If you are looking for a sponsor, try to be the person you want to represent you; be that person, be confident, be true, and it will come to you.

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