Bulldozer: On A Mission To Remove Any Obstacle In The Way

Have you ever wondered when a fighter is for real or just doing it just wants to fight to say he/she did it once? I have seen many individuals that fight because they have anger issues, it happens. I have seen others that fight because there is something natural about it them. I have also seen people fight because it’s been a dream of theirs. Some also do it because they need the money. Each and everyone have their own reason. No one has the right to judge any of them.

Now, with that being said I can usually tell who wants it and who doesn’t. Again, I am not a fighter, I will not pretend to know anything, because I don’t. From my point of view when a fighter has that burning desire to fight there is absolutely no one, or anything that can stand in his/her way. Age is not a factor, training is not a factor. They find a way to make it work. I have seen fighters find a temporary solution to get them where they need to be.

Can’t fully train? Time to go to the gym and workout. Can’t fight, due to age? Test skills with smokers and grappling matches. The word “No”, is not an option. The mission is to be a fighter no matter what.

I have watched and trained on and off and I have never really understood some of the combinations my coach would show me. He would have us do a combination of about seven strikes, going straight on like a bulldozer. I have seen fighters that use two or three strikes and then back off to see what their opponent is going to do. I feel if they kept going they could have finished the person. I know everyone has their own game plan, its just something I could never understand.

On June 15, 2019, I witnessed a fight that showed me why you have to remove any obstacle that is in the way of your goal. This fight was of DeMoura vs Hagan at Plymouth Memorial Hall by Cage Titans. The heart, the drive, the passion, of these two made everyone jump out of their seats. It was a non-stop action filled fight. I finally understood why my coach would show us so many strikes and different combinations. Talk about a debut.

Make sure that if you are fighting, you’re fighting for the right reasons. Once the cage doors closes it’s no longer a game. Ready or not there it goes…

Brandon “The Bulldozer” DeMoura

Published by Igdalia LLC

I am an action and sports photographer that loves capturing those beautiful moments that will last a life time. My mission is to capture those moments that will allow anyone to go back in time and reminisce on the best days of their lives.

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