The Surgeon Without a License

In the art of Muay Thai you meet many people. People with different talents and goals. A few years ago I met a young man that was known as “The Surgeon”. At that time I heard of him, but never had the opportunity to see him fight. Then it happened. Chip Moraza-Pollard entered the ring to become the champion.

As I saw him fight for Lion Fight I started to notice his technique. It was not quite like the rest of the fighters. Everyone has their own style but his is one you need to see. He has no fear in his eyes, he is ready for surgery, ready to remove anyone or anything that will get in the way of his belt.

In order to be a surgeon you need to have a clean, precise, meticulus precision. If you see Chip “The Surgeon” Moraza-Pollard walk into the ring to operate you will see his technique. He is the Muay Thai Surgeon without a license. With 11-0, 7x world champ.

Lion Fight 6/6/19 (Photo Credit: Igdalia Medina Franklin/Igdalia LLC)

Published by Igdalia LLC

I am an action and sports photographer that loves capturing those beautiful moments that will last a life time. My mission is to capture those moments that will allow anyone to go back in time and reminisce on the best days of their lives.

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