The Style Of A Fighter

As many of you know the return of Kin Moy was November 3, 2018 at Cage Titans.  He has been training MMA since he was 17 years old. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances he was kept out of the cage for two years. Once a fighter is known for their true talent and skills it becomes difficult to get a fight.  Kin had several fights fall through in 2017 and one early this year.

Cage Titans  11/2/18  Fight Night
(Photo Credit: Igdalia Franklin/Igdalia LLC)

Though others might have gotten discouraged and decide to just give up all together, he took it as a great opportunity to still train and sneak in a kickboxer smoker, two boxing matches, and a pankration-esue tournament.

I asked Kin what his goal was and how did it feel to get back into the cage after a long time? He said, “The next step is putting together a hot streak and trying to get noticed by the UFC! But I’ve got a big hurdle in front of me in the champion, Jay Perrin… It felt amazing to be back in there. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit uncomfortable and very nervous, but that’s ultimately where I belong. You can’t run from your true calling!”

Now, for those that don’t know Kin and have attened any local shows you would recognize him as the man in style. He is that man you see looking sharp. The fighter not only has style in the cage but of the cage. If you see him you would think he is just a guy that has a lot of style no matter where he is. You would never think he fights. How would a guy that likes to look good and have style want to get hurt? That’s because he carries his style in all aspects of his life.

I saw him fight for the fight time at Cage Titans XLI and let me tell you it was definitely a fight to see. When I saw him warming up I was like, “seriously, even warming up you’re in style?” I didn’t know what to expect. I heard a lot of him fight but never had the honor before to see him fight.

I had to ask him how long he has been into fashion?  Kin responded, “You could say that I’ve been struggling with style and fashion my whole life… It was around 2011 that I really started putting effort towards learning how to dress better, and probably not until late 2016 that I started having any success. 90% of the guys out there desperately need help in this arena… But since June of 2017, I’ve been sharing my system with men interested in cultivating an image that works for them rather than against them. So basically, it’s only been a year but we’ve gotten a lot done, and I’m JUST getting started!”

Don’t forget he had a lot going against him trying to follow his dream and he didn’t give up. Never give up on your dream. Your dream is only a layout of what you want. What you achieve is so much more.

If you are looking to find your style and you don’t know where to start, well look no further. I have the answer for you. Check out Style Me Boston.

(Photos by: (Igdalia Photography)

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