Game Plan

Everyone has a game plan. Everyone has this idea of how they want things to go. In the area of MMA two people have a game plan but only one of them will be successful. Once you enter the ring/cage, anything can happen. You can finish in the first few seconds or last all three or five rounds.

The game plan doesn’t start the day of the fight. The game plan starts the moment you decide you want to be a fighter. It is determined by the way you handle this new lifestyle. The moment  you decide you want to fight is the day you need to reflect and consider if you have the right people in your corner. Its great to have people support you but you need people that are looking out for your best interest. In my opinion having a person gas you up that you are a great fighter, is a clear indication that you are not meeting your full potential. You want people that are going to push you to your full potential. The ones that will tell you its time to throw in the towel before your life is at risk.

AMMO FL 10/13/18 Fight Night (Photo Credit: Igdalia Franklin/Igdalia LLC)

Like I have said in previous posts, I am not a fighter. I might fight battles internally but I am not a get in the ring/cage kind of girl. I would love to but that is not me and I will not pretend to be or put myself at risk. I have seen coaches that aren’t coaches, they are groupies. They just want to say they had someone fight, regardless of the severe damage it will cause on the fighter.  I have also seen fighters that will go against what their coaches say, because they feel they know so much more. When in reality its a combination of both. You as the fighter know your body, and the coaches know what it takes to get the results needed. It is your responsibility as the fighter to inform your coach of everything you are experiencing so they can properly guide you. Especially, when you are an amateur. Why? because as I have seen, some things can be waived but is it worth it in the end?

The challenge isn’t in the cage/ring. The challenge is the person you see every time you look in the mirror. It’s the person you want to be, it’s the person that keeps you from being where you want to be. It is not who is around you. You make the choice, make the right one. The game plan is the one you plan to execute and prepare for when you fight.


If fighting were easy everyone would do it. How many people do you know have said they want to fight? How many actually fight? Probably a quarter of them. Why? Because fighting isn’t just saying you are going to fight. Fighting is a lifestyle that if you are not ready for it, it will win, and you will stuck looking back and wondering what happened?. A fighter is ready 24/7. When they get the call all they need to do is fine tune their plan.

Behind The Scenes_12.jpg

It’s important to know that what determines if you have loss or if you have learned a lesson, is how you handle yourself. I have seen many fights and always wondered what goes through these fighters mind. You have one showing so much respect and then at times you see others being disrespectful. Which one will you be once you have executed your game plan? Now what?

Madelyn Grimaldi_2.jpg

(Promotion: AMMO FL, NoBoundary, Lion Fight Promotion)

Photo credit: Igdalia Medina Franklin

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