Everyday that goes by you learn what is important in life. It’s not the material it’s the person that is by your side during the best and worst days. During the times that you can’t even deal with yourself.

The energy you put in is the energy you get. Treat every moment as the first and last. Know that process will lead you to a place you can only imagine. Knowing that no matter what that person will be there.

I had the opportunity to witness the unconditional love of two amazing couples this weekend. To be a part of it was amazing.

Like I’ve said before fighters sacrifice a lot. They sacrifice quality time with their family to fulfill a dream they have. Thankfully they are surrounded by an amazing partner that supports them and pushes them to reach their goals. This should inspire others that with the right person you can achieve what heart desires.

These two fighters won their fights, but even before that they won because they have the love and support of their spouse.

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