Fighter, photography

Looking Back

I have always loved to take action shots. When I first started taking pictures I would take pictures of weddings, family portraits, different events and though I was good at it, I felt I was missing something. As time passed a friend of mine suggested I go to the fights as a photographer. I felt like I won the lottery. I reached out to Mike Polvere of Cage Titans and I was able to get a media pass for the show. At that moment I found out where my passion of photography was and it was Action Photography. From that day forward there was no other place I wanted to be than by the cage or ring. I see much more than two people fighting. I see two people putting everything out on the canvas.

I realize that it not just about clicking a button. It is not about taking selfies with well known fighters just to say I took a picture with them. I have been to plenty of shows and I am truly blessed. These fighters train extremely hard, it could end in three seconds or it can last all rounds. To me it is extremely important to document that.

It is great to look back and see how the fighters have grown in the sport.

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