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Friday Night Social

What are you doing on a Friday Night? What do you consider fun? Times have changed and people have gone from going to a movie Friday night to fight nights. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with sitting front row supporting a friend, family, or being a first time fan at the fights.

One thing I observe at the on a fight night is how other fighters support each other. Yes, there are times when fighters are trash talking with each other, but one of the best things is seeing professional fighters support another fighter. I have witnessed them calmly walk from one side of the venue over to diffuse a fight in the crowd. Discreetly as to not cause a distraction from the fight going on. These are the fighters that move on to bigger and better things.

The ones that spend time training and less time trash talking are the ones I see on the big screen. If they aren’t fighting on a Friday night they are training. A fighter doesn’t stop training because there is no fight scheduled . A fighter keeps training for the fight that will be scheduled.

Don’t miss the next social gathering because you never know who the next “big” fighter will be.

Photo: Kemran IG: Killa_kem_

Promotion: CES MMA

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