Fighter, photography

The Safety Of The Fighter

I love what I do. I love taking pictures. I love freezing time for people. One thing that I personally don’t like, you can agree to disagree, is to take a picture of a fighter laying out cold. Why? Because I know that is someones son/daughter, wife/husband, brother/sister. This is a human being not a player in a video game. I will take a picture after I know that the fighter is safe, but I will not post that picture.

It has crossed my mind many times that I am clearly in the wrong field. I don’t know why I am by the cage/ring taking picture. I don’t like seeing blood, I do like seeing dedicated fighters finally showing everyone what all their hard work has brought them to.

I have so much respect for the commission and for the doctors that are there making sure the fighter is safe. From the outside it is hard to see every detail of the fight. Some people might think a bad call was made, and you know what maybe there was. However, its not what we want, its what is best for the fighter.

Promotion: Cage Titans

Venue: Plymouth Memorial Hall

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