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Are You Ready?

Once a fighter makes the decision to fight they start to do research. Just like a person researches information on their car, the same is done with finding the right school to train. Fighters train everyday and sacrifice so much. They spend countless hours in the gym, away from their family. They spend time with their coaches and managers who  know the fighters better than they know themselves. The fighters put their trust their their coaches, managers and teammates. Taking a fight isn’t a whim decision, it is based on what is best for the fighter.

Are you ready to take that step? Are you ready to sacrifice family time? Are you ready to change your lifestyle? Are you ready to commit? In my opinion (because I am not a fighter, I am watching from the outside) if you say no to one of these, you need to really reconsider getting in the cage/ring. You are putting your life and family on the line. If you aren’t putting 100% on the mat you cannot be surprised if it doesn’t turn out the way you want.

Now tell me, are you ready?

Photo: Johnny Lopez MMA Fighter

Promotion: Reality Fighting  

Igdalia Photography

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