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Did you know?

Do you know how hard fighters train? Do you know what fighters need to give up in order to fight? Do you know that fighters have a reason to fight?

Fighters have a drive that push them to go above and beyond what is humanly possible. They don’t just stay comfortable with their past training. Instead, they imagine what they want to accomplish and they go for it. Fighters grow mentally, physically, and emotionally to achieve new levels. The fight starts before they walk in the ring/cage. Not all fighters are the same so they should not be viewed as anyone else. At times you can’t even compared them to who they were before, because these fighters evolve into bigger and better versions of themselves.

Always respect the fighters and their journey. Remember to you they may be simply a fighter, to others they are a son, brother, sister, father, mother, aunt, uncle, friend, mentor, role model. They are not just a fighter, they are more.

#bosslady #respect #passion #journey #dedication #sacrifice

Photo: William Knight MMA, Mauy Thai Fighter

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