Why Do I Train Jiu-Jitsu

I train jiu-jitsu because I decided I would not be a victim. One key component to training is to “Never give up”.  For me, jiu-jitsu is the one sport that teaches you what to do, when you are on the ground. As a woman, you need to know this. Women need to know what to do if a guy attacks them and takes them down. There are several martial arts in the world but this one gives me peace of mind. Jiu-jitsu has given me the ability to feel safe again and be strong, not only for myself, but for my son. I don’t live my life hoping someone will come to my rescue because now I know what I need to do. I am ready now. Training isn’t about hurting someone or attacking anyone. I don’t train because I expect to be attacked. I train to give myself the mental and physical strength and personal protection in this violent and selfish world that we live in. I decided I would not be a victim but a survivor. I went from being left to be a broken woman, to being a strong, and self-sufficient survivor.

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